sandy cameraI’ve always had a passion for photography and had a camera in tow for as long as I can remember. Being able to look back in time always brings a smile to my face. When my children were born I had even more reason to capture those special moments and I cherish each and every picture. My interest is in capturing people enjoying love and life … families, friends, lovers and children (including our furry ones).
There are lots of things that go into great photography, but the most important is that your subject feels totally comfortable with you. The other is to find that unique part of their personality and capture it exquisitely.
The best light for shooting portraits is natural outdoor light and the best times to shoot are early morning and early evening. It is these times that skin tones and overall color are magic! Of course, we also do indoor and studio shots, but much of what we shoot will be those spontaneous perfect moments.
I am a photographer, cinematographer and oil painter.